By publishing through Scintilla Press, you grant us exclusive electronic rights for 90 days, as well as non-exclusive rights to indefinitely maintain a copy of your published work in the literary journal archives.

Further, you grant us the non-exclusive right to publish your work in an analog format, such as a printed annual.

You retain all other rights, including the right to re-publish the work in non-electronic form at any time. Any subsequent publication should include the credit “originally published in Scintilla.”

“Exclusive electronic rights” means that you agree not to re-publish your work elsewhere online while the issue featuring your work is current. “Publish” means any public display of your work, and includes your personal website and posting to message boards. You are welcome to link to the page featuring your work instead. Once the issue has been archived, you are free to re-publish your work online.

If you wish to publish your work under a Creative Commons license, we can accommodate that as well.